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  • Memory Foam beds, as created by NASA.

    Genessi brings you the science of sleep.

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  • Give your mattress premium protection.

    With Genessi Premium Protection®, you can protect yourself and your
    mattress from mosquitos and dust mites to bed bugs and bacteria.

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  • Exercise

    One third of our life should be spent sleeping. Yes, it might sound like a waste of time but it’s one of the necessities of life. In 1910, the average adult slept 9 to 10 hours a night (over 4000 hours annually). Currently, we are lucky to get 7 hours, for an average of 2555 hours yearly. Our bodies are punishing us for this!

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  • Nutrition

    As a human being, there are only two ways to recharge your batteries the natural, healthy way: (1) sleep, and (2) eat. The two options are linked. But, when you’re scrambling to meet the demands of modern life, you tend to start taking short-cuts with your diet.

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  • Sleep and Stress

    To sleep well is to feel well and vice versa. So, for peak performance and good health it is most important to sleep well. To this end, the practice of sleep hygiene is essential - think of this as the routine you go through before getting into bed.

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